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Hans Gruber and Vandamm definitely represent the cunningly intelligent side of Loki, and Jack Nicholson’s Joker is about as mischievous as a bad guy can get without actually being “The God of Mischief” himself.

There are those obvious parallels, but according to Hiddleston, there’s something all three villains have in common that really dictated his approach to the MCU’s iconic villain, as he told Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican back in 2013 while promoting “Thor: The Dark World.” In short, they’re all having fun. They like being bad, and that delight shines through in the film, which was something that was key for a character like Loki:

“I remember I looked up mischief in the dictionary and the first entry is ‘an inclination to playfulness, a desire to tease.’ And then actually further down the line, like entry No. 5 is ‘destruction and damage.’ So you have this one word mischief which encompasses all these things and that’s the role I’m playing. It’s my job to turn up on set and have a great time and I hope that’s something that’s appealing: you know, Loki’s having a good time and so am I.”

The God of Mischief has to be having a good time being chaotic and unpredictable because if he isn’t, then who the hell would be? I love hearing insight like this, especially from actors who are true blue cinephiles at heart looking to respect the legends that preceded them. So, next time you fire up “The Avengers,” make sure to keep an eye out for the small glimpses of Nicholson, Mason, and Rickman that poke through in Tom Hiddleston’s performance.

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