The Capsule Handbag Collection I’m Curating in My 30s

Curating a wardrobe that both inspires excitement on a daily basis and has the potential for a lifetime of looking chic is a constant project. I’m forever scanning, clearing out and whittling down my closet down to the bare bones of what I really wear and need (I also love seeing my things hung up and ready for me to pick from each morning).

Now, in my mid-thirties, I think I’m becoming better at making sensible new purchases. I can identify genuine gaps in my catalogue rather shopping blindly on a whim. Those urges still take over, and sometimes they’ll result in a winner, but more often than not, we’re looking at a batch of DPD returns.

I also have come to terms with acknowledging the power of bulk or repeat buys: If an item, trend or brand is my thing for a long stretch of time, there’s a green light to continue as is. It’s okay to own 20 navy jumpers if all you wear is navy jumpers (or, in my case, printed dresses).

But even for those well versed in capsule wardrobe–building, it’s still useful to understand the classic pillars of any given part of your collection. The team here has been endeavouring to break those elements down over the past few months so that you can be laser-focused in your future shopping excursions.

From how to assemble the ideal beauty kit, to the simple shoe styles every woman should have on backup, it pays to be au fait with the world of elevated basics.

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