The Bag on Every Fashion Person’s Winter Wish List Just Came Back in Stock

Simple and understated, and all the more luxurious for it, The Row’s bags have become some of the most sought after by those in the fashion industry (and amongst celebrities too) in recent years. From the banana crossbody that launched a thousand high-street dupes, to the Margaux—the travel and work tote bag of choice for those in the know. The Half Moon is no different—a smooth leather, logo-less (bar a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it brand inscription), small shoulder bag, reminiscent of the styles popular in the ’90s. And while it seems to have particularly captured the hearts of fashion people everywhere this autumn, the Half Moon has been carried by some of the most stylish minimalists (think Kendall Jenner, EmRata and Elsa Hosk) for a good few seasons now, and will continue to be for many years to come. 

This is what makes The Row’s Half Moon such a wise and safe investment, in case you were considering taking the plunge. Its beauty lies in its timeless versatility and impeccable quality, not in its popularity right now. And while it’s not a practical roomy tote (although it does fit a surprising amount in) there’s no arguing it makes for the ultimate ‘throw over your shoulder’ bag that works effortlessly for all dressier events (hello, party season), but also just for popping out of the house unencumbered.

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