The Armed drop zany new track ‘Liar 2’ and accompanying video

The Armed have released a zany, synth-laden new single, ‘Liar 2’.

The track is the latest to be taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Perfect Saviors’, due for release on August 25 via Sargent House. The US collective have previously released the singles ‘Everything’s Glitter’ and ‘Sport Of Form’, the latter of which features Julien Baker.

“We tend to be drawn to juxtaposition and trying to make disparate things fit in new ways to discover some novel aesthetic resonance or emotional response. Some push and pull,” said vocalist Tony Wolski, who also co-produced ‘Perfect Saviors’.

“This is a dancey, happy track about being in the deepest pits of despair and giving way to lies and delusion as your only means of survival. It is a chocolate cake full of broken glass—the sonics of the track itself, seemingly in denial of the lyrical content.”

The track arrives with a dance-inspired video directed by Dan Greene, featuring a man breaking into dance in everyday situations.

Check it out below:

Speaking about the new album, Wolski added: “Too much information has made us dumb and confused. Too many ways to connect have inadvertently led to isolation. And too much expectation has forced everyone to become a celebrity.

He continued: “Predictable primal dangers have given way to newer social ones. And the result is a world that is confounding and terrifying—but ultimately still beautiful. We hope this record is exactly all of that, too. ‘Perfect Saviors’ is our completely unironic, sincere effort to create the biggest, greatest rock album of the 21st century.”

The Armed will be heading out on tour in support of Queens Of The Stone Age for their ‘The End Is Nero’ tour from next month. Along with those dates, the band have also announced a handful of headlining gigs. Check out the full tour dates below and visit here for tickets.

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