Taeyang’s Best Collaborations

As a soloist and part of the superstar boy band BIGBANG, Taeyang has been a pioneer in K-pop’s international expansion. His collection of collaborations has been a critical part of his barrier-breaking longevity, as well as his ongoing artistic development for around two decades in the industry.

Even before Taeyang made his official debut on the K-pop scene with his boy band in 2006, the young star sang and rapped on records with his labelmates under YG Entertainment, which helped him find his voice as an artist. Once BIGBANG secured their place as certified chart-toppers, all the members began experimenting with solo albums. Since his first EP in 2008, Taeyang honored his love of soulful music that spotlighted vocals and showmanship akin to his idol Michael Jackson, even leading to his 2014 album Rise becoming the highest-charting solo album by a K-pop artist at the time on the Billboard 200.

Fast-forward to 2023: Taeyang is unleashing a new collaboration to return to music and reintroduce himself to the world. Teaming up with Jimin of BTS, “Vibe” marks the superstar’s long-awaited return to the music industry after he took time off to marry longtime partner Min Hyorin in 2018, handle his mandatory military in 2019, and welcome his first child in 2021. Last year marked the return of BIGBANG with their poignant and moving comeback single “Still Life” (one of the best K-pop releases of 2022, according to Billboard), and set the groundwork for Taeyang to reach for new musical goals in his career this year.

From working with his bandmates on special songs to tracks that span genres with a range of guests, revisit the best of Taeyang’s collaborations to date.

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