Succession’s Big Finale Brawl Was Changed To Keep Sarah Snook Safe – /Film

“Originally, it was meant to be more between Shiv and Kendall who are fighting — potentially pulling a phone out, and throwing it at Kendall, and having it escalate like that,” Snook explained in a recent interview with Variety. “We had a choreography rehearsal between Jeremy [Strong] and I. And then on the day, I felt good about being able to advocate for myself, going, ‘Let’s just remember this is a fight scene that we haven’t really properly rehearsed that we’re sort of feeling out with a pregnant woman.'”

In the version of the scene we got, most of the violence was between Roman and Kendall. The trigger is Roman making a cruel joke about Kendall’s non-biological children being “randos,” which prompts Kendall to grab his head and dig his fingers into Roman’s stitches. It’s only near the end of the scene where any sort of violence happens between Kendall and Shiv, and it’s very brief.

“What ended up happening, which was far more honest and realistic to the scene, is that when Shiv goes to leave, Jeremy grabs my hand,” Snook explained. “Up until that point we’d rehearsed — but the instinct from Kieran [Culkin], as Kieran as much as it was from Roman is like, ‘Get your f***ing hands off her. She’s pregnant!’ And then leaps at him.”

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