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“Strange New Worlds” fleshes out T’Pring, making her more sympathetic. For one, we glimpse her own life outside the engagement — she works as a counselor for Vulcans who’ve become too emotional. It also turns out that she does love Spock (or at least did) and accepts him despite his human heritage. Considering he was bullied for this trait as a child, this shows T’Pring as a rather open-minded Vulcan.

In “Spock Amok” back in season 1, the pair literally swapped bodies during a mind meld — it’s hard for a couple to get closer than that. In “The Serene Squall,” The Enterprise is hijacked by pirate Captain Angel (Jesse James Keitel). T’Pring risks her career to save Spock, almost freeing Angel’s imprisoned lover Sybok.

Throughout “Strange New Worlds,” it’s Spock who keeps causing trouble in the engagement. He prioritizes his duties to Starfleet, for one, and T’Pring is frustrated by how rarely he returns to Vulcan. There’s also the extra complication of Spock’s mutual feelings for Nurse Christine Chapel (Jess Bush).

In “Charades,” when Spock is turned fully human just before a ritual dinner with T’Pring’s family, he keeps T’Pring in the dark. When she finds out, she’s hurt that he didn’t trust her and suggests they take a break. Spock takes advantage of the separation to finally hook up with Chapel.

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