Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’s Biggest Plot Twist Was Hiding In Plain Sight – /Film

Referring to Earth-42 as “my baby,” O’Keefe said he took special care to plant references to its existence throughout the film. “One thing [producer Phil Lord] and [producer Chris Miller] were very, very cautious of is we didn’t want to trick the audience,” he added. O’Keefe also mentioned being influenced by “Back to the Future,” citing the scene towards the end of the film where Twin Pines Mall becomes Lone Pine Mall due to Marty McFly’s time-travel shenanigans.

He elaborated on Lord and Miller’s reasoning: “They always said, ‘We can hide the ball a little bit, but it should be there.'” The idea, O’Keefe explained, was that you don’t need to actually hide anything because people are distracted by things like visuals and the story. As to how Miles begins to realize that he’s not where he expected to be at the end, O’Keefe said that it was reflected in the film’s style, with the Ben-Day dots shifting to “spray paint and aggressive ink hatching and smudging with your fingers.”

I myself love details like this. They allow the audience to not just discover what’s happening along with Miles, but also to think back or maybe do a rewatch and spot all the clues hidden in plain sight they missed the first time around.

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