Sorry, But These 9 Spring Staples Don’t Do It for Me Anymore—9 That Do

I’ll be honest: Spring isn’t historically my favorite season to dress for. Here in NYC, the weather oscillates from cold to hot and back again in the span of a day. Layering is a much trickier art than it looks, and most of the quintessential spring style staples that reemerge every March don’t exactly do it for me.

I think we can all agree that the past two spring seasons have not exactly felt “normal,” so the staples I used to wear between the months of March and June could definitely use an update. I took a look at my closet and will be removing nine outdated spring staples, in particular, because they no longer feel like the freshest options. Items like utility jumpsuits and milkmaid tops that I hoarded for years are getting the boot, and now I have my eye on a few 2023 updates that will make all my spring outfits feel truer to my current style.

With that, keep reading to see which spring staples I’ll be relying on over the course of the next few months and which older ones I’m retiring.

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