Sofia Richie’s Elevated Capsule Wardrobe Consists of These 8 Easy Basics

If there was one celebrity who has captured and held our attention this year, it is undoubtedly Sofia Ritchie. After relatively low-key status over the last few years, it was her incredible bridal looks that catapulted her into icon status (and I’m still taking notes on her honeymoon wardrobe), but it’s what she’s worn since that has earned her a spot on the list of celebrity wardrobes really worth copying. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find her closet full of quiet luxury investment pieces, fun prints, and plenty of old Hollywood references, and even in her most casual off-duty looks you’re guaranteed to learn a trick or two when it comes to making basics feel cool.

So what else can we learn from Sofia Ritchie’s outfit history? Well, her stylist Liat Baruch has a knack for putting together well-curated, sophisticated looks that are surprisingly easy to replicate, and you don’t need to spend four figures to channel her brand of modern It girl. Thanks to the duo, we’ve swapped strappy sandals for closed-toe heels, invested in tweed, and reintroduced halternecks to our wardrobes—not bad for an unexpected street style hero.

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