So Many Celebrities Are Getting Box Bobs— 22 Styles That Are Convincing Me Too

Earlier this year Hailey Bieber opted for a fresh new trim and kicked off a haircut trend that has officially been declared the haircut of the year. Yes, 2023 is the year of the ‘box bob’—and once again we have Bieber to thank for another defining beauty look. We already hailed the bob as a key hair trend for 2023, but not all bobs are created equal, and what we love about the box bob is how light and choppy it is. So, what to request from your hairdresser if you want to try out this trend?

First things first, while it is blocky, this is not a classic blunt bob, so you’ll want to avoid a super-precise finish. Likewise, the ends are not gradually layered and are definitely not tapered, so ask instead for texturised layers which are created by cutting at an angle rather than straight across. This style isn’t just about removing length—the bulk of the weight needs to be removed, which helps to keep it feeling light and makes it easy to style. This is also great if you already have naturally thin or fine hair, since the style is less about volume at the roots and more about movement through the lengths.

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