Raven-Symoné Reveals You Don’t Know How to Pronounce Her Name

Turns out we’ve been saying Raven-Symoné‘s name wrong this whole time.

On Thursday, the star hopped on TikTok to offer a lesson on the correct pronunciation of her moniker. “Yo, that’s Raven-Symoné,” she wrote on the six-second video before adding, “It’s pronounced See-mon-ye.”

To elucidate her point even further, the That’s So Raven star included a lip sync to a popular TikTok sound where someone offscreen insists, “Shut up, it is not,” to which she emphatically mouths, “Yes, it is.”

However, the video’s caption also made it clear that she wasn’t taking the issue too seriously, considering she wrote, “Those who know…KNOW… fit was cray that day.”

Obviously, the revelation sent the minds of millennials who grew up on the Disney Channel spinning. “RAVENN!! YOU LET THIS SLIDE FOR TOO LONG,” one fan wrote, while another stated, “The whole time ‘I’m raven simone and you’re watching Disney channel,’ you could have said it right cause how they gon make you say your own name wrong.” However, another follower was quick to defend the star by pointing out, “She said ‘Hi I’m Raven from That’s So Raven and you’re watching Disney Channel’ never said her last name.” (Although technically, “Symoné” is just the second half of Raven’s first name, not her last.)

Last year, Raven-Symoné advocated for an issue much larger than her name by leading a set-wide walkout with the cast and crew of Raven’s Home to protest Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which was then making its way through the state’s legislature before Gov. Rick DeSantis signed it into law in late March.

Watch and learn how to pronounce Raven’s full name below.

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