People in Paris Make Jeans Look Elegant by Wearing These 7 Basics

French women are routinely go-to sources of style inspiration because many in the set have that effortless approach to style. You know, very je ne sais quoi. While fashion people in Paris certainly wear staples instead of jeans (we showcased a few silhouettes here), denim often completes some of those standout looks because of the chic and easy nature. Yes, many of the ensembles in question skew on the more casual end, but jeans can also feel particularly elegant. And yes, Parisians wear specific elevated basics to take these denim outfits to the next level. 

Keep scrolling to check out the forward basics fashion people in Paris wear to make their jeans look elegant. You’ll notice style references from some of our favourite follows, along with shopping recommendations (jeans included). 

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