People In Paris Consistently Wear These 6 Flat Shoes With Jeans

Lauded as being effortlessly stylish, the French woman’s fashion game is a code many attempt to crack, but few master. One enigmatic facet of their dressing prowess lies in their choice of footwear—specifically the flat shoes they wear. Flat shoes might have dominated this year but, to people in Paris, they’ve long been a staple in their wardrobes; one which they largely favour over heels. Okay I’m generalising but if you’ve been to Paris lately then I think you’ll agree; no one wears flat shoes chicly as French women. A blend of comfort and sophistication, flat shoes effortlessly capture the essence of Parisian allure. 

More often than not, you’ll find French women wearing flats shoes with jeans outfits. This strikingly simple combination might sound like a no-brainer, but their jeans-and-flat-shoe combinations are anything but basic or boring. From classic ballet flats to minimalist loafers, the choice of footwear becomes a canvas for expressing personal style, while the jeans add a casual je ne sais quoi to the rest of the look. Then, it’s up to you—layer in everything from blue Oxford shirts to natty knitwear to sleek blazers… There’s very little you can’t style with this formidable pairing. 

For extra inspiration, I’ve assembles some of my favourite French-girl jeans-and-flat-shoes outfits for you. Something tells me these looks will come in handy for the season ahead. 

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