One Of The Scariest Scenes In Let The Right One In Spills Blood Into The Water – /Film

Oskar’s bullies — Conny, Jimmy, Andreas, and another — find Oskar swimming at a local pool to improve his fitness. The four boys tell all the other children around the pool to scram, leaving only Oskar. Jimmy threatens Oskar by telling him “three minutes,” meaning he’s going to hold the blonde-haired boy’s head underwater for three minutes without air. Oskar doesn’t fight his fate, and lets Jimmy plunge his head underwater.

Conny and Andreas glance around as Jimmy leans into the pool, keeping pressure on Oskar. The clock ticks away, counting down how much longer Oskar must hold his breath. Everyone’s silent, looking at Oskar, wondering if he’ll survive that revenge prank.

Then the camera submerges in front of Oskar, and we can see the large empty pool area behind. Jimmy’s hand still firmly presses against Oskar, and the audio mimics how water muffles our hearing when fully under. Oskar starts expelling a stream of bubbles, hinting that he doesn’t have the lung capacity to complete Jimmy’s challenge. One of the boys asks Jimmy to stop, but he’s not letting go.

Back underwater, Oskar appears to be unconscious. The camera stays on him, as we hear a crash above. Shouts can be heard not long after. Sounds are still weakened like from under a blanket, but we can assume what’s happening. Then a pair of feet splash into the water, and are pulled back while kicking until they’re yanked above the surface. We no longer have to assume what’s going on as a decapitated head plops into the pool. Finally, Jimmy’s hand loses grip of Oskar and we hear the squelch of a severing noise, the limp appendage sinking like a bleeding rock.

It’s the state of being underwater that gets me. Watching children get maimed from below, their frantic actions futile. This separation between air and liquid splits the scene into two realms, where we’re forced to imagine even more graphic attacks that we can’t see.

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