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Phil Johnston has signed on to direct “The Twits,” having previously made his feature directing debut on Disney’s Oscar-nominated animated sequel “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” He issued a statement about his love of Dahl’s original novel growing up:

“I’ve always been attracted to reprehensible characters. I don’t know what this says about me, and I really don’t want to look into it. I love the Twits and their terrible tricks. I love that they lack self-awareness and personal hygiene and any inkling of human decency. And I love this movie because it reminds us that twits like the Twits, whose default emotions are anger and vengeance, can’t be allowed to win in our world.”

Johnston also co-wrote Disney Animation’s “Zootopia” and “Wreck-It Ralph,” as well as the decidedly R-rated live-action comedies “The Brothers Grimsby” and “Cedar Rapids.” One suspects “The Twits” and its sensibilities will exist around the nexus point between Johnston’s family film work and his adult farces.

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