Move Over Puffers—I Only Have Room for This Classy Coat In My Life

It’s no secret that ownership of a classic camel trench coat is practically an unwritten rule amongst Londoners. From early spring through to late autumn, you’re bound to encounter at lease one or two every time you step outside. Whilst they’ll fair a drizzly day with more elegance than a rain coat or a bomber jacket, when you’re up against gales and an unrelenting chill, Londoners are forced to retire them in favour of something a little hardier. 

Luckily, we’ve found the perfect replacement. Whilst some swap between a cosy puffer coat in the winter months and a lightweight trench in the summer, I prefer to stick out the winter in my all time favourite, and reach for a wool trench coat ever time. Conveying the same effortlessly-cool vibe as its cotton sister, wool trench coats are the cold-wearger solution that will help you master chic London style.

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