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The yellow dress was such an important inclusion, it also became the color of the dress worn by Billie Eilish in the music video for “What Was I Made For?” the final song of “Barbie” and the piece that serves as the basis for much of the film’s score. (It’s also my personal, current frontrunner for Best Original Song at the Oscars.) But the color change wasn’t the only fashion evolution Stereotypical Barbie experienced. Before joining us in the Real World and donning Birkenstocks, Robbie’s Barbie transitions from a high heel to a wedge. “We moved from the classic Barbie heeled court shoe into something softer, but at the same time we had to keep the heel,” said Durran. Additionally, she also pivots away from the oversized statement jewelry she typically wears, and instead wears a more subtle, grounded heart from Missoma Jewellery. “There’s something about that locket and scale that makes it more human.”

Costuming plays such a vital role in “Barbie,” and I can’t imagine any other film coming out this year holding a candle to the work Durran did when it comes time to award Best Costume Design at the Oscars. On a personal note, I absolutely geeked out when I saw Margot Robbie wearing laser-cut anchor earrings when she shows the other Barbies that her feet are flat, as they were made by one of my favorite jewelry makers, Sugar & Vice Designs. Durran wasn’t the other costume legend on the set of “Barbie,” however, as Oscar-winning costume designer Ann Roth has a cameo as the woman on the bench. Durran told Variety that she did not costume her, trusting Roth to pick out an outfit of her own that would perfectly fit the scene. It obviously turned out perfectly, and the scene is one of the film’s very best.

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