Makeup Artists Say These 12 CC Creams Do the Absolute Most for Mature Skin

When deciding which CC creams to use for mature skin, Geller gravitates toward ones that utilise hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate to repair and protect the skin barrier. “Less is more as we age, so this is a great substitute for foundation on those ‘no makeup’ makeup days,” she adds. “The moisturising ingredients in your CC cream will ensure it won’t crease, crack, or settle into fine lines or wrinkles.” According to Geller, CC cream should provide your skin with more benefits than a traditional foundation, a testament to the importance of incorporating ingredients that support healthy and beautiful mature skin.

For the best outcome, Geller recommends applying the product with the fingers and then blending it outward and upward for an even complexion. “Ideally, it’s going to give me light coverage and colour-correct any discolouration while also serving as a moisturiser,” Geller explains. “There’s nothing worse than a cream that will dry you out, especially for mature skin.”

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