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The final post-credits sequence pays off one of the post-credits sequences of the original “Shazam!” In one of the first movie’s post-credits sequences, we see Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong), powerless and incarcerated in a scribble-adorned cell. He’s not doing too well, until he hears a voice laughing. It’s the nefarious caterpillar Mister Mind, who promises with an evil laugh that “the seven realms are about to be ours.” Villainous team-up ensuing? Not just yet.

In “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” the second post-credit scenes once again visits Doctor Sivana, now looking more disheveled and still in his cell. Once again Mister Mind returns to Sivana’s cell, and Sivana immediately grills the caterpillar on where he’s been over the last two years. Mister Mind blames the absence on his own diminutive size causing everything to take longer, and begins to explain his plan. There’s one more thing he needs to do first, he explains, and then bounces, once again leaving Sivana in his cell, alone.

It’s a pretty humorous send-up of the unfulfilled post-credits sequences of “Shazam!” and the villains’ odd absence from its sequel. As it turns out, an early draft of the script had Mister Mind free Doctor Sivana from his cell, but that scene didn’t make it. The writers didn’t want to lose the villains entirely, so they wrote the scene as a joke. We shouldn’t really expect either character to have a major impact in the DCU given the lackluster performance of “Shazam 2,” though hypothetically they could appear in a future cameo or post-credits sequence, or in a villainous team roster.

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is now in theaters.

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