Jonas Brothers Through The Years: Photos Of The Boy Band From Their Teens To Today

Oh brother! The Jonas Brothers are pop sensations who have been rocking since 2005. The trio, which is made up of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, released their first record in 2006 and after that, it was off to the races. They appeared in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock in 2009, along with its 2010 sequel. The brotherly boy band also had a two season sitcom on Disney.

After three back-to-back hit albums, the boys took a hiatus to work on solo projects around 2010. They reunited for a 2012 album, but broke up in 2013. Fans got the reunion they wanted years later. The Jonas Brothers returned with the album Happiness Begins in 2019.

It’s wild to think about how far the Jonas Brothers have come since their start. The guys looked so baby-faced during the 2006 Kids Choice Awards on Apr. 1. They donned jeans with cool graphic tees. While Joe and Kevin went with spiky tresses, Nick had his hair in short curls.

The Jonas Brothers have grown up so much since. For photos of the band from their start to now, check out our gallery here.

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