Jack Harlow Got a Major Shout-Out During Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s Victory Speech

Jack Harlow has earned a lot of flowers in his career, but on Tuesday night (Nov. 7) the “Churchill Downs” MC got a surprise shout-out from an unexpected collaborator. “Tonight Kentucky made a choice. A choice not to move to the right or to the left, but a choice to move forward for every single family,” said Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear in his victory speech after securing a second term.

“A choice to reject Team R or Team D, and to state clearly that we are one Team Kentucky. A choice of Jack Harlow over Sarah Huckabee Sanders.” The latter was a reference to Louisville-bred Harlow joining Beshear on stage last week to stump for the popular blue incumbent in a typically deep red state; former Trump White House press secretary and current Gov. of Arkansas Sanders took the stage with the night’s losing candidate, Trump-endorsed Daniel Cameron, around the same time that Harlow pitched for Beshear.

The charismatic Beshear — one of the most popular governors in the nation — hit the campus of the University of Louisville last Thursday with Grammy-nominated rapper Harlow, joking, “You draw a bigger crowd than I do,” the Courier-Journal reported. After brief remarks about his economic record and a ticket that “strongly supports higher education,” Beshear handed the mic to Harlow.

“He was telling me he loved what I was doing, and for the last year and a half we’ve been staying in touch,” Harlow told the students about how he was introduced to Beshear in 2022 on a phone call while shooting a movie in Los Angeles. “This is a hell of a stand-up guy right here, and I think you all are holding the right signs.”

Tuesday’s off-year election was also yet another rebuke of the Supreme Court’s landmark anti-abortion decision, with neighboring Ohio becoming the latest state to overwhelmingly approve a measure to support abortion rights, in this case enshrining it in the state’s constitution with a ballot issue that guarantees abortion access up until the point of viability (typically 24 weeks); Ohio also became the 24th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Check out Beshear’s speech below (Harlow shout-out comes around 5 minute mark).

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