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Another historical occurrence portrayed somewhat inaccurately in “Oppenheimer” is the infamous apple incident. In the film, Oppie poisons an apple with cyanide and leaves it on the desk of his Cambridge supervisor, Patrick Blackett, in a perverse attempt at revenge for being made to look foolish during Blackett’s class. He then has the first of many crises of conscience and rushes to remove the apple before Blackett can take a bite.

But the reality is much more murky. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Oppenheimer’s grandson wasn’t too thrilled about the apple incident being included in Nolan’s biopic. Charles Oppenheimer, whose father Peter grew up at Los Alamos while the Manhattan Project unfolded, spoke to TIME following the movie’s release, and said that he “definitely would have removed the apple thing” and that “if you read ‘American Prometheus’ carefully enough, the authors say, ‘We don’t really know if it happened.’ There’s no record of him trying to kill somebody.”

But that wasn’t the only element Charles Oppenheimer probably would have nixed in “Oppenheimer.” When asked if there was anything he “would have advised [the production crew] to do differently,” he recalled visiting the set twice, adding:

“I saw them film and, in that particular scene, Cillian Murphy walks into a room and part of his line was calling someone an ‘a*****e.’ And when I went back to Santa Fe and told my dad, he was horrified. He said, ‘Robert Oppenheimer never swore. He was such a formal person. He would never, ever do that.’ And I was like, ‘Well, it’s a dramatization.’ But I was worried that in the movie he would be this swearing, abusive guy. Anyway, I think he said one swear word in the movie and I just happened to be in the room.”

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