I’ve Tried 100s of Products on My Curly Hair—These Are the 10 That Actually Fight Humidity and Heat

It’s all you think about for days. That first gust of heat as you step off the plane, blowing away all cobwebs of a grey summer back in Blighty. Then, the first sip of European Fanta or Diet Coke with a slice of lemon. Or, that sacred time on holiday between your evening shower and dinner. The one thing you probably don’t daydream about is how to manage the puff. The unavoidable ballooning of your hair as heat and humidity mingle, undoing your hard work to keep things smooth and slicked.

It’s the curse afforded to anyone with hair susceptible to humidity. One minute, your hair is sleek and styled. The next, small ringlets and insistent flyaways pepper your hairline, eventually wrecking even the strongest of hairsprays and styling products.

“Dew and humidity affect the hair by over-saturating the strands with moisture,” Michele Scott-Lynch, founder of haircare brand Boucléme explains to me. This moisture absorption then leads to swelling of hair fibres, lifting the cuticle, and making hair appear frizzy. For curly or wavy hair, this disrupts the natural curl pattern, causing a loss of definition.

A look into my holiday hair must-haves, all of which are listed below.

Scott-Lynch goes on to recommend that hair that lacks moisture will seek it from the environment and atmosphere, leading to the over-saturation of moisture and subsequent halo of flyaways.