I’ve Done the Research—4 Major Dress Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Winter

2023’s autumn/winter trends have been nothing short of excellent and that’s coming from a person who is heavily attuned to anti-trend pieces. I’ve become increasingly impressed with how designers have hit the mark on nostalgic meets modern, in a way that has a timeless appeal. That’s across the board, especially when it comes to dresses. Between burgeoning corsages and spaced-out dots, many trends have been a throwback to vintage eras, albeit a tad more in keeping with 2023’s modern-day essence and the sophisticated sartorialist, who exudes confidence and an unapologetic sense of self.

Trends from spring and summer 2023 have carried forward, bringing with them weather-appropriate elements and deeper colourways, though there have been some wildcards. When I think of 2023’s dress trends, I think of a Carrie Bradshaw-esque exuberance. Many trends are bold and encourage wearability for many occasions if you dare to wear your best for the most mundane jaunts.

There have been many trends to name. From the relevance of specific hues—namely buttermilk yellow, aubergine and rich chocolate browns—to the revival of polka dot in a way that feels contemporary, whilst still evoking its characteristic vintage essence. We’re still riding the wave of denim and for winter, designers have extended denim dresses, so they fall at the feet. If you’re wondering what trends have got us talking, keep on scrolling for a deeper delve into the trends that have piqued the interest of an anti-trend fashion writer.

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