I’ve Analysed It—These 6 Pieces Are Timeless and Can Be Worn Year-Round

This summer, each day we’re surprised at the weather, as there’s simply no guessing what will happen. Though it’s sunny today, all too soon, the forecast will change, and that’s why I’m drawing my attention to familiar territory: transitional dressing. The typical British outlook is wet and dreary with intermittent bursts of warmth that we are seldom prepared for, so pieces that can be worn throughout the seasons are crucial when building a hard-working wardrobe.

Ever since I started mindfully curating my own wardrobe, I honed in on key items that can be mixed and matched. That whittled down the cost-per-wear of my clothing significantly, and when it’s time for the seasonal switchover, these are some pieces that have permanent residence in my wardrobe.

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