It’s Official: This Is the Best Way To File Your Nails, According to an Expert

If you’ve ever wondered why nail files are numbered, you’re about to find out why—and, as it turns out, this is super important. “The lower the number of the nail file, the more coarse and abrasive its grit will be,” explains Bamber. “So with natural nails, numbers between 180 and 240 are correct to use—anything lower should be used on gels, extensions, and acrylics only.” Files with higher numbers can be used to buff the edges of your nails if they become jagged after filing.

To play it safe, Bamber recommends using a glass nail file if you’re attempting an at-home manicure. “They’re much better for your nails as they’re less likely to cause splits and are also more hygienic since they can be washed after each use,” she adds.

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