Is Free Guy 2 Still Happening? How Barbie’s Success May Mean ‘Game Over’ For A Sequel – /Film

Disney, Shawn Levy, and Ryan Reynolds have not commented directly on the hold-up with “Free Guy 2” up to this point. But Levy and Reynolds are the two most essential pieces of the puzzle, and they’ve been very busy since the first film hit theaters in 2021. Reynolds, for one, is a ridiculously busy businessman outside of his acting career, with his alcohol company Aviation Gin, his stake in Mint Mobile, and co-owning a soccer team alongside Rob McElhenney, as documented in Hulu’s “Welcome to “Wrexham.”

Primarily though, Levy and Reynolds have been busy collaborating on another major blockbuster for Disney in the form of “Deadpool 3.” After languishing in development Hell for several years, the success of “Free Guy” helped get the ball rolling on the sequel, with Levy taking over as director. It quickly became a priority for Marvel Studios and all involved, especially once Hugh Jackman signed on to reprise his role as Wolverine. That being the case, they simply haven’t had a lot of time to actually work on the movie, even if Disney wants it to happen.

Those are very practical reasons that have gotten in the way of the development of “Free Guy 2.” However, another unexpected reason emerged recently in the form of “Barbie” and that movie’s record-breaking success.

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