Incubus to release re-recorded version of ‘Morning View’

Incubus are set to re-record their seminal 2001 album ‘Morning View’.

The new version of the record titled ‘Morning View XXIII’, will be released on October 6 via the band’s new label, Virgin Music.

They are also set to support its release with a show at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl on the same day, where they will perform ‘Morning View’ in full. Support will come from Paris Jackson and Action Bronson – you can find tickets here.

“We are excited to partner up with Virgin to release Morning View XXIII, and we can’t wait to perform it live for the fans at The Hollywood Bowl,” Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd said in a statement. “Morning View XXIII will give our fans a fresh new take on the songs and we look forward to sharing it with everyone when it drops on Oct 6th!”

Incubus spoke to NME about ‘Morning View’ for its 20th anniversary back in 2021. Speaking on the initial decision to record the album in the house on Morning View Drive in Malibu, Boyd told NME that the band, who were used to recording in “windless padded rooms,” wanted to be free from distractions during the recording process.

“We made the decision to not make our next album in a traditional setting so we rented this big, empty house up in Malibu kind of away from everything,” said Boyd. “We were interested in seeing what would happen if we changed our environment dramatically and set up in a living room together and brought out all of our gear into this house, where it was as distraction free as you could possibly be in that moment.”

Besides providing a peaceful retreat, the house and its stunning surroundings also inspired some of the album’s content. “Being in that sort of antithetical recording studio where there’s these beautiful, picturesque cathedral-type windows from the floor to ceiling, like 25 feet high, was amazing,” said Boyd.

“We got to watch the day move by as we were in there all day recording, and then at night, we got to watch the moon go by, and we got to watch the palm trees blowing in the wind; we would open the door sometimes and let the sea air into the room. That stuff affects everything, especially when you’re in a creative process.”

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the band went back to the Malibu beach house where it was written and recorded for a livestream concert of the record performed in its entirety.

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