I’m Anti-Trend, But These New-Season Items Work With My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

As 2023 almost draws to a close, I’ve entered the reflection phase (albeit a bit more prematurely but I can’t help myself when Christmas is on the horizon!) One thing is for certain this season, I’m inspired. Perhaps I owe this to my move to Paris but I’m seeing winter fashion through a fresh lens when it was previously a dreaded season for fashion. You may have deduced that winter isn’t typically my favourite season, but this year I’m leaning into the opportunity to experiment.

This winter, eveningwear is a new realm I’m dipping my toe into. I’m also drawn to impactful accessories and outerwear. Choosing a winter coat is no mean feat and gone are the summer days when the bones of an outfit demand attention. Now we’re bundled in coats, so when deciphering which coat to purchase, there’s a lot to consider  — from fabrication to style, wearability and colourway.

As someone who observes trends meticulously and ponders extensively (truly, sometimes for a year) about worthwhile pieces to invest in, I pay attention to the small details and this winters trends have not disappointed on that front. To my delight, subtly has been embraced by aspirational designers and followed on to the high street. Elements such as contrast stitching on accessories, tonal buttons and the weighty drop of a garment are all elements that make pieces feel more luxe. I’ve ascertained certain pieces that make me feel polished and smarter day-to-day and those are the pieces I’m most drawn to. Other trend-led pieces I’ve been toying with (whilst staying true to my personal style) are necklines. The Bardot, for example, is a domineering style this year but to me it’s timeless. In fact, I’m witnessing similar styles to the pieces my mother wore in the ’80s, which demonstrates its timelessness. The same is true for asymmetric necklines and while asymmetric bodycon feels a tad too noughties for my tastes, the slouched, Grecian-inspired drape is undeniably chic.

Continue reading for the pieces I’ve saved on my wish list this month. From what I consider the best scarf coat on the high street, to a debrief on Strathberry — one of my favourite accessory brands of 2023. These pieces may be anti-trend but I’ll wear them forever.

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