I'm a Shoe Expert—5 Spring-Ready Pairs That Belong in Every Capsule Wardrobe

Shoes, shoes, shoes—I can’t get enough of them. But while I would happily buy a new pair each month (okay, week) my bank balance and London rental storage space will not allow it. To the joy of my boyfriend, I haven’t actually bought any new shoes in a while, and it’s mainly because I’ve been wearing the same pair of Dear Frances boots or New Balance trainers on repeat recently. Which is why I’m so pleased my favourite season (technically it’s summer, but spring counts) is on the horizon—it is when it comes to all the new offerings dropping online, anyway. 

There’s a few key styles I have on my wish list for the upcoming season, with ballet flat (yep, they’re sticking around), preppy loafers and slingback kitten heels being firmly at the top. Want to know what other hero buys to look out for? These are the 5 shoe styles I predict will be everywhere for 2024. 

Source From: www.whowhatwear.co.uk

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