I’m a Danish Fashion Expert—These Are the 5 Trends Setting the Agenda

 “Scandinavian girls have a sporty, casual simplicity around their lifestyle, that can also be seen in the way they dress,” notesChristensen, “and women favour wearable items, high-quality, and beautifully made pieces, that will never go out of style. But the major difference between Danish and London girls is that London girls know how to dress up! This could definitely be injected into Scandinavian style, where casual is always favoured. But vice versa, as much as we can see the trend catching on, I can definitely see the easy-going, minimal aesthetic of Scandinavian style being a great addition to the London scene.” And, we’re inclined to agree. In fact, we’ve been taking notes on what Scandi women will and won’t wear in a bid to streamline our wardrobes. But what is it that sets CPHFW apart from New York, London, Milan and Paris?

“One thing we are incredibly passionate about at Birger Christensen Collective, is the identification and championing of new design talents, and this is shared by Copenhagen Fashion Week. As opposed to the other major Fashion Weeks, Copenhagen has an amazing sense of calm and community around it, whilst not compromising on the level of design. We are lucky to show all of our brands at Copenhagen Fashion Week this season: REMAIN, ROTATE and Cannari-Concept, and we are always blown away by the support and positivity from the attendees at CPHFW.”

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