I Asked My European Mum What Trends She’s Following This Summer—She Said These 7

Yep, quiet luxury doesn’t just apply to Sofia Richie-Grainge-age brackets and TikTok teens, it also applies to some of the coolest women I know: mums.

Since I first learned how to put clothes on my back, my chic European mum has been pointing me in the right sartorial directIon. As a free-spirited, anti-trend European, her summer basics-of-choice have come to me embraced by fashion people everywhere as the epitome of stealth wealth. While she’s always worn things like linen jackets, tailored trousers, and logo-less bags since the beginning of time, now, her favourite trends are back in the mainstream. 

As the adage goes, mother knows best. Below, shop the 7 anti-trend, quiet luxury essentials all cool European mums swear by. If you’re looking to feel like an elevated bougie auntie, now’s your chance.

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