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Jacqueline Rathore was the hair and makeup artist in charge of Henry Cavill’s look on “The Witcher,” and it seems she took her job very seriously. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Cavill revealed that when he first donned the wig it was basically pure white, which he said, “on camera, in those lights, ends up shining like the moon and it looked, frankly, ridiculous.” If you take a look at when Cavill’s “Witcher” look was first revealed, you can see how the wig wasn’t quite as convincing in the early days. But Rathore took it upon herself to refine the hair-piece and dedicated herself to getting it right.

Speaking at Netflix’s WitcherCon back in 2021, Cavill said:

“[Rathore] didn’t get to build the wig. And so then she kind of adopted it. And then she worked on it and worked on it. She was taking it home every evening, every evening taking it home. She was dreaming about that darn thing. And then eventually I think she crushed it. So through the season you can tell, and you’re like, ‘That’s where it starts to look really good,’ and that’s after Jacqui had her hands on it for a while.”

Asked about the wig in another interview, Cavill revealed there were actually three wigs, all of which Rathore worked on at home. According to the actor, the hair stylist was “changing individual hairs” and sent the pieces “to get lace change for a final lace so it’s less visible.” All of which, according to Cavill, led to Rathore “having nightmares about the wigs.”

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