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Only two other movies this year walked away with more than one Academy Award. “All Quiet on the Western Front,” the movie many believed had the best shot of beating “Everything Everywhere All at Once” for Best Picture, took home four prizes, which included Best Cinematography, Production Design, Score, and International Feature. Notably, the only category they won in which they directly competed against “Everything Everywhere” was Best Original Score. In a year of a juggernaut, it certainly helps to not be up against it for certain awards. Though it is a German production, “All Quiet” became the representative of the older, classical Academy who love to award a harrowing war film, which makes it one of the more uninspired choices to pick up some awards no matter how you feel about the movie.

The only other multiple winner tonight was … “The Whale.” Again, both categories it won — Best Actor and Best Makeup and Hairstyling — didn’t have “Everything Everywhere” as competition. Look, we are all happy about the Brendan Fraser comeback, and I hope he goes on to have an amazing second wind of a career filled with exciting roles. But “The Whale” winning anything really doesn’t reflect well upon the Academy. That film has rightfully come under fire for its grotesque and gawking portrayal of a fat person while not even bothering to cast an actual fat person in the role, and awarding the person who shouldn’t be playing the part and the fat suit he shouldn’t be wearing just feels wrong.

So, when the Academy had the chance to veer from “Everything Everywhere,” their choices ended up not being the greatest. Except for “Naatu Naatu” winning Best Original Song. No one will ever be mad at that.

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