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Johnson first announced he was playing “Black Adam” back in 2007. It’s got to sting when you spend 15 years of your life working on something and it doesn’t pay off. Even so, the solution is not to dwell on it — but that’s all Johnson has done.

The actor reportedly leaked misleading information to Deadline, claiming that “Black Adam” would make a profit in the neighborhood of $52-72 million, far higher than its actual returns. He also apparently went over Warner Bros.’ heads to secure a cameo from Henry Cavill as Superman, while also vetoing a cameo from Zachary Levi as Shazam. This is believed to have contributed to the dismal performance of this year’s “Shazam: Fury of the Gods.”

Johnson’s appearance on “Hart to Heart” is his latest effort at a “Black Adam” redemption tour. Even if he can’t get the sequel he wants, he can at least exculpate himself from blame. Let’s take his claims at face value, though.

He describes “Black Adam” as the biggest opening weekend of his career, making it sound like the film was unusually successful. He doesn’t mention, though, the 59% drop during its second weekend. The film staying in the No. 1 spot is attributed more to lack of competition than its own strength.

Now, “Black Adam” almost cracking $400 million is a larger haul than several of Johnson’s other star vehicles. However, proportions matter in Hollywood. Take the aforementioned “Central Intelligence,” which made only $217 million. However, since its budget was a mere $50 million; Warner Bros. would’ve recouped more money on that than on “Black Adam.”

“Black Adam” was a mere disappointment, not a flat-out disaster like this year’s “The Flash.” However, a disappointment is not a solid foundation to build a franchise, and it’s doubtful tha any studio head would’ve green lit a sequel.

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