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Murphy was, of course, not referring to Bowie’s notorious glam looks from the 1970s, but merely his figure at the time. Murphy recalled the way the stick-skinny Bowie wore a suit and felt that’s the way J. Robert Oppenheimer ought to look, just aesthetically. “When he was so skinny and kind of emaciated but had these wonderful tailored suits with the trousers,” the actor said. “That was the Oppenheimer silhouette.”

Murphy certainly knows his suits and silhouettes; back in 2015, he was elected by GQ magazine as one of their 50 best-dressed men. He came in 14th. Murphy is famously private, rarely playing into the celebrity fame machine the same way a lot of Hollywood stars might, although he does still engage in the usual endorsement deal. Murphy is the spokesperson for Montblanc, an upscale manufacturer of high-end fountain pens, wallets, glasses cases, carry-on bags, and wristwatches. Sadly, Murphy has not signed any endorsement deals with whoever designed his hat in “Oppenheimer.” That seems like a no-brainer.

Also a fun coincidence: Murphy has appeared in six of Christopher Nolan’s movies to date: “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Dunkirk,” “Inception,” and now “Oppenheimer.” He did not, however, appear in Nolan’s magician drama “The Prestige,” although who should’ve played Nikola Tesla in that movie but the man himself, David Bowie? Sadly, Murphy and Bowie likely never met in real life.

“Oppenheimer” is now playing in theaters.

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