Celebrity Relatives Hide Their True Identities on “Claim to Fame” Show

For Frankie and Kevin Jonas, being a celebrity is in their blood. For the 12 contestants on “Claim to Fame,” being a celebrity is also in their blood, we just don’t know how. The new ABC show, hosted by the two Jonas brothers, has 12 celebrity relatives competing against each other to discover who they are each related to. The winner of the series, well, the last person who is able to keep their celebrity relative a secret at the end, will win $100K. In the premiere episode, the contestants shared their name, the relationship to their famous relative, their famous relative’s profession, and the biggest award their relative has received. The catch? They’re lying about some of their answers.

While some of the contestants have revealed their identity to viewers during the introductions, they are all hiding their relatives from each other. In the trailer, it was revealed that relatives of Zendaya, Chuck Norris, Simone Biles, and Whoopi Goldberg would be amongst the cast, so of course our wheels have been turning since the series premiered on July 11. There are challenges each week to try and get to know each other and expose who their relatives are, and there is also a clue wall, which contains hints about the cast members’ relatives.

Twitter has been filled with theories and ideas about who the 12 contestants are each related to, and we’ve got some ideas, too. Ahead, get to know the contestants on “Claim to Fame” and see if you can guess who their famous relatives are.

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