Alan Alda Asked ChatGPT To Write A M*A*S*H Episode, And It Was All About Superstitious Underwear – /Film

Personally, I’m curious about where an AI bot like this would even pull its ideas from. Does it have access to “M*A*S*H” scripts, and if so, from which seasons? Could it be pulling from fan-fiction, blogs, or commentary on “M*A*S*H” that’s been published over the years? The 11 season show went through many tone shifts during its run, and it’s hard to imagine even the more advanced machine could take all of them into account when trying to write for it. Plus, there’s the obvious argument to be made that pulling from any of the above would be plagiarism, including perhaps stealing from writers who are no longer around to defend themselves.

Farrell put it best in the “Clear+Vivid” episode, telling Alda:

“The whole thing unnerves me. The idea of artificial intelligence taking over what is an industry that’s fundamentally creative, out of the human mind and the human spirit. Yes, I understand they can parrot the human mind, but I can’t imagine that they can ever come close to parroting the human spirit.”

It’s a sentiment that feels perfectly in line with the arguments put forth by many a WGA member over the past months, and Alda shared a similar thought about the way AI could impinge on the role of actors. He explained the concept of a cloned and dubbed voice performance to Farrell, saying, “The idea that they can do it sort of diminishes our role in the whole thing.”

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