A first generation iPod just sold for $29,000

A first-generation Apple iPod has been sold for $29,000 USD (£22,798) last week on August 4 via Rally Alternative Asset Investment platform.

The iPod was originally bought by the parents of a teenager in 2001 as a Christmas gift for their son. It was purchased at an Apple store in Plano, Texas for the price of $399 USD (£313) at the time. It remained untouched in its original packaging until its recent rediscovery.

“He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with it, so he put it on a shelf, and then, inevitably, time passed,” explained Rally co-founder Rob Petrozzo. The owner found the iPod in the original blue Apple bag while cleaning out his childhood home after the passing of his father.  “It truly is a time capsule,” Petrozzo added.

The sale was orchestrated by Rally, a platform known for enabling shared ownership of unique assets like tech memorabilia. Initially, the iPod’s ownership was split into 5,000 shares each valued at $5 USD (£4) through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) until a private collector unexpectedly acquired all 5,000 shares and secured exclusive possession of the relic.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces a new online music service along with the new iPod players and iMusic software. Credit: Kim Kulish/GETTY

There has been an interest in vintage Apple products. Recently, an an original factory sealed 2007 4GB Apple iPhone was sold for a record-breaking $200,000 at the LCG auctions in Louisiana.

During the phone’s release in 2007, there were only two storage options, 4GB and 8GB. The 4GB model was quickly discontinued a few months after its release due to its initial unpopularity compared to its counterpart. The storage models were then upgraded to 8GB and 16GB. The recently sold iPhone’s 4GB storage contributed to its rarity.

Currently, a fully working 1976-77 Apple-1 Computer with a custom built in keyboard, power supply, handmade case and an original Steve Wozniak signature is being auctioned off at Boston’s PR auction until August 24. The technological relic is expected to garter over $200,000 USD (£157,228) by the auction’s closing date.

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