9 Rainy-Day-Proof Outfits We’re All Going to Wear

Ah, rain. It’s an inevitability if you live in the UK. Thankfully, we’ve hunted down plenty of rainy-day outfits that prove that it is possible to out-style a downpour. Many a time, we have walked out of the house on the way to the office or to meet friends without an umbrella, a decent jacket or even a bag that will save our outfits from the dreaded unintentionally drenched look. But because we’ve done this so many times, we’re accustomed to knowing what to put on when the skies start to darken.

From selecting the right jacket, be it a trench coat or a cagoule, to ensuring that our trousers are just slightly cropped (when they soak up puddles, it’s officially the worst) and that our trusty boots boast a wipe-clean surface, we have a host of outfit ideas that are sure to protect you from looking like you got caught in the rain (even if you did). Keep scrolling for some chic rainy-day outfit ideas, and then shop the key piece that’s guaranteed to keep you warm and, most importantly, protect you from a downpour.  

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