25 Elevated H&M Pieces That Make Up My Perfect Workwear Capsule

Believe me, I get it. During the long winter months, summoning up the motivation to do the early starts and early commute is one thing, but choosing what to wear to work on cold mornings is a struggle in itself, and if you’re already lacking the enthusiasm for a day in the office, I can guarantee that pulling out the same old suit won’t give you any more joie de vivre, winter is already grey enough. 

That being said, I happen to like typical “workwear”. Tailored trousers, sharp blazers, crisp shirts and midi skirts make up a lot of my everyday capsule wardrobe already, but what keeps them fresh is how you choose to wear them. Small styling changes are what keep workwear feeling new and polished, for example, sizing up your shirt for a slouchier, casual fit, pairing your blazer with jeans, and, whoever the first person was to wear trainers with a trouser suit is quite honestly a genius. So, as we pour a much-needed coffee and look to our wardrobes to help give us the extra boost we need to put a little more pep in our step, what should we wear to work this winter? As it turns out, H&M has the answer. 

Scrolling through the new-in section (a frequent past time of mine) I began to build a capsule wardrobe of office-ready pieces that still look equally good for casual weekends too, something that H&M always manage to get right. Plus, there are plenty of brand new, expensive-looking pieces to factor into your everyday looks, as these wise investments always elevate an outfit, whatever your plans may be. So, if you’ve stood in front of your wardrobe in the last couple of weeks and declared “I have nothing to wear!” keep scrolling for everything I’m adding to my basket from H&M this month. It’s the perfect mix of everything you need to get ready for work in the morning, simply mix, match, and wear on repeat.

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