10 Items That Are Officially Reaching Cult Status This Fashion Month

Fashion month happens twice a year and, when it does, a fresh batch of street style pictures featuring the industry’s leaders and their take on the runway trends in real life. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of outfits to scroll through and, as inspiring as it is, the results can be overwhelming. Which is precisely why we take a great deal of time and care filtering through the lot in order to bring you concise edits of the trends as well as the key items fashion editors, stylists, writers, buyers and influencers are actually choosing to buy and wear for the new season. 

The fashion month shows are only halfway through, and already there is more than enough IRL outfit fodder for us to start deducing that certain brands and cult pieces are already clear frontrunners in the race to be spring’s hottest items. 

What’s interesting about this season’s crop is the steady pace at which the items’ popularity has been building throughout the year ahead of this peak moment. Insiders want their It buys to go the distance (just as you do too) so we are starting to find that flash-in-the-pan “must-haves” are less frequently spotted and slower burns like last year’s Alaïa ballet flats, Bottega Veneta’s drop earrings or the timeless Frankie Shop blazer, that are proving to be worth of one’s wallet and wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see the 10 items that are genuinely reaching cult status this month.

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